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God Bubble

December 1, 2008

Have you ever noticed how easily distracted we are? It seems as if we cannot focus on something for more than 15 minutes without something or someone breaking that focus. At work it is co-workers, emails, and phone calls. At home it is spouses, children and more items on the “to-do” list than hours in the day.

But what about at church? Surely we can find an hour to worship God, once at week, without distractions. Unfortunately this seems to not be the case. There are always and will always be distractions.

Enter the God-bubble.

This was the illustration that I would give the teens in our previous youth group. Before I began our time of praise and worship, I would encourage them to ignore the distractions and disturbances around them, by closing their eyes and envisioning themselves stepping into a bubble. A bubble that was impermeable to the distractions around them. Steadfast from the emotional roller-coasters that they were facing. A bubble where only themselves and God existed.

For many of the teens, entering this God-bubble produced visible outward changes. Their eyes would close and I could see the tensions of the world be washed away as they began to worship God. Some would lift their hands. Others would bow their heads in reverence. And some would just beam as they worshipped. There were some teens that were not willing to put aside their distractions and enter the God-bubble. These teens would jealously watch their friends wondering if perhaps they really were missing out on something. And one by one, they would make a choice to either enter their own God-bubble or shut God out completely for the night.

I have learned that I don’t have to wait for Sunday mornings to be in my God-bubble, but that I can be in that God-bubble when I am showering in the morning, when I am driving to work, or when I am cooking dinner. I strive to enter my God-bubble daily. It has become a place that I long for. A place of comfort, of renewing, of joy.

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