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A Yankees Fan in a Red Sox Town

January 6, 2009

I am a Yankees fan.  And proud of it.  I come from a long line of Yankees fans…my father and my father’s father.  I used to think that I was born only because my father wanted someone to teach about baseball.  I sometimes thought that secretly he wished that I was a boy so that I could grow up and be the pitcher that the Yankees seem to always be in need of; however he assures me that is not the case and that he “wouldn’t trade me for all the tea in China”.

I am a Yankees fan who lives in northern New England…home of very rabid Red Sox fans.   Here is something that has me puzzled about Red Sox fans:  Do they like the Red Sox or just hate the Yankees?  You see, sometimes it is hard to tell.

I have been to Fenway, home of the Red Sox, to see many games, some against the Yankees, but most against other teams.  And at each and every game, regardless of who was playing and who was winning, the fans always chanted “Yankees Suck!”  Hmmm….seems to be a pointless chant if the Yankees aren’t there for you to taunt.

Then of course there are the vehicles that I can only presume are owned by Red Sox fans (or Yankees Haters).  I can only guess that they are fans because there is nothing on their vehicle that says “Go Red Sox”.  There are only stickers that say “Yankees Suck” or show a little boy peeing on the Yankees logo.  And let us not forget the impressive Yankee Hater logo.  Usually there is not an “I ❤ The Red Sox” sticker or logo to be found.

I have found that you can only know many Red Sox fans in my area by who they hate, not by who they like.  And that got me thinking…are we as Christians known by who we love or by who we hate?

Do our co-workers know that we are Christians because we refuse to talk to our gay co-workers?  Do our neighbors know we are Christians because of our huge pro-life bumper stickers?  Are we so busy with the “Thou Shalts” that we forget the “Love Thy Neighbor” parts?

Don’t get me wrong…sin is bad and God is a just God who cannot tolerate sin; however He is also a merciful God who provided the means for forgiveness and cleansing of our sin.

I don’t want to be known as the Christian who hates ______ (fill in the blank: gays, atheists, women who have had an abortion, people who wear white shoes after labor day etc.)  I want to be known as the woman who lets Christ’s love shine through her and loves people regardless of who they are or what they have done…because that is what Christ has done for me.

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  1. screamofcontinuousness permalink
    January 7, 2009 8:54 am

    good observations.

    and I’m glad you are back to the blog screen.

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