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When Divorce Strikes

February 9, 2009

Today I found out that some friends are getting divorced.  I hadn’t talked to them in a while, so I was shocked to hear the news that the husband (J.)  had an affair.  J. was in leadership at his church.  He once had a strong desire to do great things for God.  I don’t know what happened.  But what I do know is that he left his wife for another woman.  That woman was also in leadership at their church and is actually the pastor’s daughter.

My heart breaks for J’s wife.  I wish that I could go knock some sense into J.  But he already knows that what he is doing is wrong, but somehow he has silenced his conscience.  He is now living with the other woman and has stopped attending church.  His wife is left to pick up the pieces of their broken home.  He has abandoned his friends as well.  It is as if he doesn’t want anyone in his life who will remind him of what he did.  He is living a sinful life and running away from anyone who would attempt to hold him accountable.

Statistics say that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.  If that is true that it would make sense to assume that fifty percent of our married friends will divorce.  I hate those statistics.

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  1. February 9, 2009 3:02 pm

    It does suck. Sorry to hear about your friend. That’s an awful thing to go to, especially in a member of any church. Only God can really comfort your friend’s wife. 😦

  2. Snickelfritz permalink
    February 9, 2009 3:39 pm

    It is weird to think that half our friends will divorce. I had a friend whose spouse left them recently and I was appalled. I was disgusted after I heard how it all went down. It took me several days to shake the feeling and I hadn’t even talked to the friend for a while. I imagine it’s the same for you.

    Today’s focus on the family had a good message about finding the right mate when you’re young and single. Great practical advice in it, I recommend any single person download today’s podcast.

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