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Best Husband Ever!

March 25, 2009

I do indeed have the best husband ever!  He is a caring, sensitive, protective, wonderful man of God.  And I am so blessed to have him!

We have been wanting to have a baby for a while now…a long, long while.  And while I have been pretty vocal about my struggle, my husband hasn’t been.  Sure, I knew that he wanted to have children…that was something that we talked about before we even were engaged.  He has always been nervous about the whole idea.  (Which I love, by the way, because it shows how desperately he wants to be a great dad!)  But sometimes I used to think that I struggled with our infertility more than he did.

Over the past year, as I watched him with LSS, I could see what an amazing father he would make.  (Even when he didn’t see it!)  And during our last weekend with LSS, my heart was so filled with love for him as we held LSS in our arms one night and sang “Jesus songs” to her.  And then again, as she crawled onto his lap to have him give her butterfly kisses.

Last night, I heard the pain and loss in his voice as he told his mother about the possibility of us never getting LSS again.  I heard him tell her how much he had been looking forward to telling everyone that he was the “proud new daddy of a 40lb, 44″, five year old girl.”  And I realized that he is feeling this loss just as much as I am and that he has been trying to shield me from the pain that he is feeling.  WOW!  He loves me so much that he would quietly deal with his own feelings in an attempt to not cause me more pain.  He has been carrying my pain as well as his own because I have taken this whole situation with LSS so hard.

I knew that he missed LSS, but I just didn’t realize how much.  I am so glad that I now know how much.  It makes me feel even more secure, knowing that he not only understands my pain, but feels it too.  And it makes me feel so loved that he would be willing to carry my pain!

My hubby is the living embodiment of Ephesians 5:25 which says “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.”

Jesus understands and feels our pain.  And He carries our pain for us too.  My wonderful hubby, does just want he is commanded, he loves me the way that Jesus loves me.

Can a woman be anymore blessed than that?

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