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Babies Babies Everywhere!

March 30, 2009

Over the last two years, almost all of our married friend have either had babies or are currently pregnant.  And it seems that most of the babies have been born in the spring.  That means that right now we are being inundated by 1 and 2 year olds’ birthday parties.  Even though we can’t go to most of them (because they are 14 hours away in my hubby’s home town), we still try to be a part of them.  This includes the thousands of pictures that they email or that they put on facebook.  These are some pretty cute kids!  I love the fact that we get to watch them grow up even though we are so far away.

But I have to admit that secretly…I think that Hubby and My kids would (will?) be even cuter!  I just know it!  I see them in my dreams each night!

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