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Anonymous Bloggers vs Anonymous Commenters

June 17, 2009
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Anonymous Bloggers

I blog anonyously.  I do so for two reasons:  1.)  I needed to vent without worrying what people who know me would think and 2.)  I hoped to find at least one understanding and caring soul who would like me for me, regardless of what I typed.

Most people who “know” me, don’t really “know” me.  They don’t know the details of my abusive ex.  They don’t know my struggle with infertility.  They don’t know all the reasons why we left our previous church.   They just don’t “know” me and frankly, I don’t want everyone in my life to “know” me like blog readers get to.

People have said “If you are going to blog anonymously then why have a blog?  You should just have a private diary.”  Well to be perfectly honest, I started blogging because I enjoy writing, and well, I wanted validation.  I wanted someone to say, “I see that you are hurting.  I see what you went through. I think that your story is worth reading.”

I have never had the opportunity to be genuine in real life to anyone except my hubby (who is awesome and loves me unconditionally).  Since my parents were in a very public role, I learned from birth that I need to be perfect on the outside public persona regardless of the brokeness on the inside.  So it became second nature for me to have “two MEs” and have no one know the real one.  I don’t think that I even completely know the real one.

I have been lucky enough to find an understand and caring soul (other than my husband) who reads my blogs and leaves the sweetest, most encouraging comments.  D is wonderful!  There have been times that it was her comments that brightened an otherwise gloomy day.

Simply said, I blog anonymously so that I can interact with people as ME.   Anonymously or not, I am more genuine and real on my blog than I have ever been in real life.

Anonymous Commenters

Anonymous Commenters are completely different than anonymous bloggers.  Anonymous Commenters stay anonymous so that they can injure, hurt and attack blog writers.

Amy Beth over at Ministry of Fabulous is experiencing this first hand.  There is an anonymous commenter who is being down right rude, cruel, hurtful…there aren’t strong enough words for how despicable this commenter is.

Jennifer over at My Charming Kids experienced it last week.  She was attacked viciously by an anonymous commenter(s) on everything from liking to eat organic and healthy to her six-month-old baby who has almost died at least twice.

What possesses someone to feel the need to go on to someone’s blog and write horrible things about them?  As far as I am concerned, I have no room for those people on my blog.

Some would say that both Amy Beth and Jennifer have brought this on themselves by garnering such a large blog following.  I personally don’t agree; however if that is what happens when lots of people read your blog, then I will happily stick to my few loyal readers!

Kudos to Amy Beth, Jennifer, and the many other bloggers out there who deal with these anonymous commenters in such a Godly and kind way.  They have more grace than I!

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  1. June 17, 2009 3:30 pm

    I read about what was going on over there. I must say I was stunned.

    I have actually gotten a few…less than positive comments but the commenter ALWAYS had the guts to leave their contact info. In one case we talked privately and agreed to just walk away and in the other case we actually came to an understanding and even though I was initially hurt by her manner, I have to say I ended up being grateful for the comment because they forced me to see something from a different perspective.

    so i guess I’ve been lucky. On the other hand I don’t have hundreds of readers. I average about 45 a day. Which stuns me sometimes. That there are enough people who want to read what i write to average out at 45 a day just blows my mind.

    you just keep being real honey. Enjoy the outlet. There is nothing wrong with being an anonymous blogger, but if it bothers you, consider having a pen-name. Which is, after all, a time honored literary tradition.

    and thanks for the sweet comment.

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