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So Angry – Need to Vent!

June 23, 2009

Friday, I was sitting at my desk, engrossed in a task that needed to be done ASAP.  A co-worker, who is known for giving people problems, came into my office and DEMANDED that I do something  for him.  Of course what he was asking me to do was 1.) not how we normally doing things and 2.) something that I should not have had to do.  I told him that I would do it this time, but that in the future he needed to do it the way that everyone else does.  He threw a fit and started telling me that I needed to do it his way or else.  I told him that I could not have this discussion with him at this time, but would talk to my boss about it.  Well, that wasn’t the answer that he wanted, so he again demanded that I do what he was asking ordering, I repeated that I would talk to my boss about it.  He kept ranting and yelling.  I told him EIGHT times, that I would talk to my boss about it.  He kept taking steps closer and closer to me until he (standing) was leaning over me (sitting) and yelling.  I told him that he needed to leave my office immediately.  He got closer!  I had to tell him three times to leave.  Finally I YELLED “YOU NEED TO LEAVE THIS OFFICE NOW!”

He finally left and I told my boss what had happened.  My Boss=the CFO of the company.  This pain-in-the-butt employee has no rank and has no right to tell me what to do.

My boss was furious with the guy.  However this idiot refuses to back down.  He is now on a witch-hunt, looking for anything that he can pin on me.  He made up a bunch of lies about my work and emailed them to my boss.  My boss told him in no uncertain terms that he is wasting everyone’s time and needs to do what we pay him for.

Today, he has tried to cause more waves and problems.  Perfect timing because my boss is out of town.  UGH!  I am so angry!  I haven’t reported him to HR yet, but I am thinking about it.  He was so menacing.  He shouldn’t treat anyone like that, but especially not a woman.

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  1. June 26, 2009 7:15 am

    ask your boss (via email, so there is paper trail) when he wants you to contact HR. That way you aren’t being vindictive, you are just following protocol.

  2. June 30, 2009 9:50 am

    My boss is back and is taking control of the situation. He told him in no uncertain terms to “back off”! God bless him!

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