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Surfing Barefoot with Jesus

June 4, 2010

It is a very windy night.  I am in an old boat.  The waves are tossing the boat and washing up onto the deck.  I look down into the water.  The water is angrily swirling.  I decide to step out into the water.

“What are you doing?  Are you crazy?”  The others in the boat begin to yell, “You are going to sink!  You are going to be pulled under by the waves!  Don’t do it!  You will surely die!”

But there is Someone else in the water…actually He is ON the water.  Walking on the water.  Asking me to come.

And I go.  I step out onto the water.  I begin to walk a path that I never thought possible.

I go surfing barefoot with Jesus.  I walk with Him on a dimension that I have never walked before.

But soon I feel the wind and I look to the waves and I become frightened.  I am scared of what that watery path will really hold.  I am afraid that I can’t do it.  I’m afraid that I won’t like it.  I feel the winds and waves around me and I know that they will probably grow worse.  The unknown is scary.  I look at the impossible, instead of the One who makes the impossible possible.

I can feel myself sinking a bit.  Lord Save Me!

I have called out.  Now I will wait for His hand to reach out and catch me.  I do not want to go back to the boat.  I want to go forward and see where He will lead me next.

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