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Making Connections

June 10, 2010

Human beings have a God-given need to connect with other human beings.  On-line social networks thrive for this very reason.   Having connections with other people makes us feel good.  But what kind of connections do we gain from on-line social networks?  Is it possible to be close to all 463 friends in your friends list? Is it possible to have an intimate friendship with someone whose only communication with you is through their status updates?

Lately, I have found myself re-thinking my choice to be anonymous on this blog.  I chose anonymity so that I could hide from people who I know would love to gossip about me and tear me down.  I chose anonymity so that I could blog about my journey of becoming a new creation without having people in my “real life” judge me and criticize my already all-too-visible flaws.

Lately, I have found myself visiting other peoples’ blogs  and thinking, “This is someone that I would love to get to know!” and then realizing that if I truly strive to get to know them, I have to make myself quite vulnerable.  They could reveal my “true identity” (Gosh! I sound like some weird type of super hero…just call me Super Wimpy!).  Or worse yet, they could decide that they don’t really like me and become one of the people that I feel the need to hide from.

And there you have it, Folks!  The two reasons why I have trouble connecting with people real life, as well as in bloggy life: Trust and Insecurity.

If I want to connect with certain people in the bloggy world, then I have to trust that they will not reveal certain details about myself that I wish to remain separate from my blog (which is basically just my real name and location).  I have to trust that they really will like me enough to want to become and remain friends with me.

Enter in my good friend, Insecurity.  I am sure that you have met her.  Perhaps she is even your friend, as well; although she does a great job of making you think that you are the only one who knows her.  To call her a “good friend” is stretching things just a bit.  Perhaps it would be better to call her a persistent companion.  This persistent companion has done a phenomenal job of convincing me that she is the only one who can truly stick with me.  After all, she has been there when no one else has.

Well, I am ready to ditch this persistent companion.

Deirdre suggested that I read the  book So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.  I took her suggestion and immediately ordered the book from CBD.  I am reading it slowly, attempting to digest every word that is in this book.

I am ditching my old pal, Insecurity, and hoping to find some new connections both in the real world and in the bloggy world.  I am going to remain “anonymous” for now because there are things I want to share with my bloggy friends in my bloggy world that I am not ready to share with co-workers, fellow church members, family members, etc.  I say “anonymous” because as I have begun to exchange emails with some of you, I have told you my name, which is the only barrier that I have kept between my blog readers and myself.  But I figure if you care enough to take the time to connect with me and begin a friendship with me, then the least I can do is share my name…just do me a favor and keep it between us 🙂

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  1. Michelle Brown permalink
    June 10, 2010 12:36 pm

    You never need to share your name with me…just your blog. I absolutely love your posts! I never shared my writing with anyone because of my own trust and insecurity. Taking a creative writing class last year taught me that my writing is nothing but empty words on a page without a reader. My characters are not truly alive until they are dancing around in the imagination of a reader.

    Beth Moore is awesome, I hope you enjoy her book(s).

  2. Andrea permalink
    June 10, 2010 12:40 pm

    Ok. Seriously? Were we separated at birth?! I poked around your blog and I kept finding myself nodding in understanding of the emotions you’ve felt and situations you’ve faced! I am excited for the opportunity to get to know you!

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