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Second Mommy

June 11, 2010

I usually hate going to church on Mother’s Day.  I used to fight back tears as all the mommies were recognized.  I used to beg God for a child extra hard on Mother’s Day.

This year was different.  This year, I had my “almost child with me”.  This year, she made me stand up with “all the other mommies”.  This year, I received a card, in which “You are the best Mom” was written in her childish scrawl.  This year, I was as close to a mommy as I ever have been.

For Hubby’s birthday, LSS picked out a card for him that said “World’s Best Dad.”  And then a second card that said, “I love you, Daddy.”  He cried when he opened them.

As she was coloring him a birthday picture, she told me that she wished that she had been born from my belly.   As soon as she said it, she looked up at me, her eyes huge with concern, “Can I have two mommies?”

“Yes, Sweetie.  You can have two mommies.  I have two mommies, remember?” I answered gently.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “You have Grammy and Mimi.  I’ll have Mom and Mumma.  You want to be my mumma, right?”

“Oh yes, my love!” I said I blinked the tears away, “I want to be your mumma more than anything.”

“OK then, you will be my second mommy.  Mom will be my first because I knew her longer.”  She looked at me for reassurance that it was okay that I was not her first.  I scooped her into my lap and covered her with kisses and buried my face in her hair so that she could not see my tears of happiness.

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  1. Michelle Brown permalink
    June 12, 2010 8:14 am

    Very touching post! It broguht me to tears. How very sweet for you.


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