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Book Reveiw: Billy Graham: His Life and Influence

June 29, 2010

Today I am trying something new!  I am reviewing a book for Thomas Nelson Publishers through Booksneeze.  The book that I am reviewing today is Billy Graham: His Life and Influence, by David Aikman.

“If there were such a job as  the nation’s pastor, it would go to Billy Graham.”

When I read that line on the back cover of the book, I thought, “Oh this will be a biased biography done by a Billy Graham fan.”  But as I began reading the book, I was impressed by the candor in which the book was written.  It was not a book that told only of the glories of Billy Graham, it also told of his struggles and short-comings.

The book begins as any good biography does, at the beginning of the life of the subject.  I enjoyed reading tales of young Billy’s mischievousness.   Through this book, I was able to not only see the man who he has become, but also the boy he once was.

Aikman takes us on a journey with Mr. Graham as he speaks in various countries and meets US presidents from Eisenhower to Clinton.

I was impressed that the author was able to describe in detail the positives and negatives of this many faceted man and yet not sound super-critical, nor overly laudatory.  I would certainly recommend this book to others, in fact, I will be buying it for my dad for his up-coming birthday, as he is both a fan of non-fiction as well as Billy Graham.

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