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Book Review: Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias

August 19, 2010

I absolutely loved this book!  However, it is certainly not light reading.

In the introduction of Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend, the author, Ravi Zacharias, says, “This may not be a ‘read-through’ book that can be absorbed in a single sitting.  But I suggest to you that it is a ‘must-read’ book for our times.”

As I began Beyond Opinion,  I dove right into in and then found myself slowly wading through it as I gained insight on defending and understanding Christianity in a world filled with post-modern unbelievers.

Beyond Opinion is comprised of essays by various Christian scholars that address challenges to Christianity from post-modernism, Atheism, Islam and eastern religions.  It also addresses the ever present challenge of a Holy God verses evil and suffering.  But Beyond Opinion doesn’t stop at just giving us the answers, but challenges the reader to “Live out the answers.”  “The first and foremost task of the apologist is to stand for truth and to clarify the claims of the gospel.” (p314)

I highly recommend this book and believe that every Christian would benefit by reading it.  I know that this book will not only be on my bookshelf for years to come, but will also be an often referenced resource as I attempt to “Live out the answers”.

“Opinions are preferences amid options.  Convictions are woven into one’s conscience.” – Ravi Zacharias

Special thanks to Booksneeze for providing a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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