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Where Did the Summer Go?

August 19, 2010

How can it be August 19th already?  Where did the summer go?

My LSS is about to go to first grade!  First Grade!!  All day…in school…with a whole bunch of other squirmy first graders.  She is so excited that she could practically burst.  She is a very social and outgoing child.  Give her five minutes in a crowd of kids and she will have found at least two new best friends.

Saturday, Hubby and I took LSS shopping for back-to-school stuff.  She picked up a very cool and grown-up looking lunch box.  Gone are the days of Dora and Strawberry Short Cake lunch boxes.  Now we have this:

Isn’t it just too cute?!  I want one for myself.

Hubby is going back to school as well.  (Have I mentioned that yet?)  He is going to Bible College.  So of course he needed some “back to school” stuff too.  Dayspring has a really cool collection of binders, folders and notebooks with a Christian message. So I ordered Hubby and LSS a few supplies from there.

Aren’t they great?

I love buying back-to-school supplies because it gives me yet another reason to indulge my love of office supplies!  I have dozens of sticky note pads.  Scores of cute binder clips and paper clips.  And I am proud to say that I have passed that love on to LSS.  Yes indeed!  She is a child after my own heart!  She was giddy with excitement when we pulled into the Staples parking lot.  And when I brought her to the display that holds thousands of colorful binder clips, paper clips, rubber bands and mini highlights, her eyes grew big.  Then when I handed her a plastic container and told her we would buy anything that she could cram into it, I thought that she would faint right there!

Yes, summer is almost over; however lots of fall fun await us!

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