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August 20, 2010

Seriously!  Thank God that it is Friday!  This week has been insane!

I have worked a crazy amount of hours, made time for my step-family who are up visiting for the week, had a volatile co-worker to deal with, as well as as co-worker who is in the ICU after suffering cardiac arrest.  Then of course, we can’t forget that Hubby’s classes started this week, LSS is getting ready to go back to school, and I am totally PMSing!

But honestly, this weekend isn’t going to be any less crazy.  Tonight we are going to the beach with my step-family.  Tomorrow Hubby, LSS and I are all getting hair cuts, then we are taking LSS to get her picture taken.  Sunday we have church and then we are meeting with one of the associate pastors after church.  And sometime during all this, Hubby has a paper to write and a huge test to study for.

I really need a vacation!

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