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Once Upon A Time

September 29, 2010
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Once upon a time, there was a girl.  The Girl had just arrived on campus to begin her freshman year.  Staring at all the buildings, she stood intimidated on the front lawn.  Attempting to draw as little attention to herself as possible, she quietly went into the hall where the freshman orientation was about to begin.  Picking a seat toward in back corner, against the wall, she wished that she saw just one familiar face.  No such luck.  But within minutes, a handsome boy with a smile on his face walked boldly over to her and said, “Hi! I’m The Boy and you’re The Girl and now we are going to live happily ever after.”

The Girl looked up at The Boy and couldn’t help but grin.  The Boy sat down next to The Girl and began to tell her the names of many of the strangers surrounding them.

“That’s Ricky.  Would you believe that he is all the way from Washington?”

“That girl over there is Jenny.  Her twin brother Joel is here too.”

“That dude over there is Andy.  He is my roommate.  He is dating Lyndsey.”

“Wait! Wait!” The Girl exclaimed, “How do you know everyone already?  Aren’t you a freshman too?”

“Yep,” The Boy replied, “But I don’t plan on being a lonely one.”  And with that The Boy began introducing The Girl to everyone he had already met.  And The Girl made lots of friends and was happy at her new college.

The Boy and The Girl hung out everyday.  The Boy made The Girl laugh.  The Girl made The Boy study.

Then one day, The Girl went into her dorm room and found on her pillow the largest, most beautiful long stem red rose that she had ever seen.  There was a card attached that said, “From your secret admirer.”

The Girl ran to the hall and saw all her friends gathered around giggling.  “Who did this?” she asked.  Her friends just giggled more.  They all knew, but were under strict orders to allow The Girl to figure things out for herself.

She ran outside of the dorm and looked around.  “Who ya lookin’ for?” said a voice behind her.

The Girl swung around and saw The Boy.  She saw his smile and knew exactly who her secret admirer was.  For the rest of the semester, The Boy and The Girl were inseparable.  The Boy was impetuous and romantic.  He would give her his coat when she was cold.  He would take her for walks on the beach. In the middle of the mall, he would grab The Girl into his arms and begin waltzing with her amongst the Christmas decorations.

Life progressed and one day, somehow they stopped dating and lost contact with each other. The Girl moved on.  The Boy moved on.  The Girl met her Prince Charming and got married.  The Boy fell in and out of love with new girls.

One day, The Boy found The Girl on Facebook and they shared old memories.  The Boy showed The Girl pictures of his daughter.  The Girl told her husband about The Boy she dated a long long time ago.  The Boy was glad that The Girl had found someone to make her happy.  The Girl’s husband was thankful that The Boy had taken care of The Girl so well.  The Boy, The Girl and her husband made plans to meet for dinner.

A few weeks before that dinner could happen, The Girl received the news that The Boy had been tragically killed in a car accident.  The Girl’s heart ached for The Boy she once knew.  Her tears flowed for the life lost.  And she promised silently to never forget that day when a handsome boy with a smile on his face walked boldly over to her and said, “Hi! I’m The Boy and you’re The Girl and now we are going to live happily ever after.”


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