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Confessions of a Reformed Name Dropper

May 18, 2010

Before I was married to Hubby, I had some pretty cool opportunities to work in the theater with some very famous people and have the plays seen by some other very famous people.  It was a blast and I have tons of stories to tell.

There was the time that I was casually talking with a theater patron only to be told afterwards that the patron was a certain actor-turned-salad dressing maker.  (In my defense, I was focused on making sure that the play was received well by the audience, not on who the actual audience was.  And it was my first play at that theater.)

Or the time that a well-know actress/divorcée came to see  our play, bringing along many of her adopted/biological children, only to be witness to a major wardrobe malfunction on stage, revealing all of the…um…assets of the actress on stage.

I have to admit that at times I have resorted to telling these stories in an attempt to seem cool or to get people to like me or just to make myself seem more important.  I liked being the one who could introduce her friends to various famous actors, actresses, directors and producers.  I liked the look on people’s faces when they exclaimed, “You know _________.”

I also have to admit that during the entire time that I worked with the theater, I knew a far more important and famous Man and was too ashamed to drop His name in such famous company.  Why is it that I felt more compelled to drop the names of various celebrities than to speak the name of the One who gave me Life?  Why is it that I felt “cooler” to have spent time with the rich and the famous than to have spent time with the One who cleanses me from all unrighteousness?

Well, as I said in the title, I am reformed now.  I still love to tell the stories from my theater days, but that is not what makes me special.  The only name dropping that is worth anything is when I use my life to glorify Jesus Christ and tell others about Him.

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

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